HUBER PondPlus® para la rehabilitación y equipamiento de lagunajes

Our rehabilitation of wastewater lagoons permits effluent reuse for irrigation.

Wastewater lagoons are widely used worldwide where sufficient space is available, because they are a simple technology for wastewater treatment. However, their large water surface has the drawback that much of the water evaporates in arid climate. In addition they are inefficient, particularly where the wastewater is insufficiently mechanically pre-treated or where lagoons are too small.

In developing and emerging countries anaerobic sedimentation lagoons are most common. They are covered with scum layers and emit methane gas. This stinks to heaven and contributes to global warming; methane is a very strong greenhouse gas, over 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Poorly treated effluents are unfit for irrigation, especially for water saving drip irrigation.

Our HUBER solution PondPlus® is our answer to these problems.



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Scheme: HUBER PondPlus® Solution for wastewater lagoon improvement

System Description

Our HUBER Solution PondPlus® serves for rehabilitation and upgrading of lagoon systems. HUBER Fine Screens remove debris and other solids. Lagoon operation is thus improved and pore clogging of irrigation hoses prevented. Technical lagoon aeration is retrofitted. By installation of HUBER Membrane Filters lagoons are upgraded into highly efficient membrane bio-reactors. No additional space is needed.

PondPlus® lagoon systems perform full-biological treatment; our membranes retain all solids and bacteria, while they let pass N and P nutrients for simultaneous fertilization of the irrigated plants.

Settlement and polishing ponds are no longer needed; they too can be upgraded to biological reactors. Our PondPlus® lagoons treat far more wastewater on a smaller footprint, and far more efficiently. In this way also we minimize evaporation losses.
PondPlus® lagoon systems simultaneously stabilize the activated sludge aerobically.

Surplus sludge is dewatered in a HUBER ROTAMAT® Screw Press and reused as fertilizer and for soil improvement.



Micro-screens at lagoons in the Middle East: ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen Ro Mem
Drip irrigation with high-quality lagoon effluent